Enabling truly local radio and increasing listener choice

Bucks DAB Ltd is a not-for-profit consortium of local people and industry experts planning to bring a range of exciting new radio stations to digital radio listeners in North Buckinghamshire.

Using the latest DAB broadcast technology we will give local broadcasters a chance to be heard on digital radio in a cost effective manner.

We’ll also introduce a number of additional radio stations to our area to enhance the depth and variety of radio listening available.

Who We Are

Bucks DAB was born from a partnership between three local broadcasters and business people.  We aim to bring our area a new digital radio service which is run and controlled locally, for the benefit of our local community. As a not-for-profit organisation we will ensure that our carriage costs offer small local broadcasters an affordable path to broadcast on digital radio.

Our plans will bring truly local radio to our area, increase listener choice and focus on supporting our area’s growth and development.

What is Small Scale DAB?

Small-scale DAB is a new way of transmitting digital radio using software and low-cost computer technology to provide a flexible and inexpensive approach to the terrestrial broadcast of digital radio services.

The system enables services to broadcast to a relatively small geographic area.

Unlike analogue FM radio where only one station can use a frequency, with digital broadcasts a number of stations can be transmitted together on the same frequency. This is called a multiplex. A multiplex can carry between 20 and 30 stations.

Broadcast Area

The regulator Ofcom is licencing Small Scale DAB services across the UK. The country has been split into areas or “polygons”. We run a licence to operate the multiplex here in North Bucks. 

Our polygon is called “North Bucks”.

The assumed coverage area for our polygon is shown here. 

Ofcom estimate the polygon covers a licence area population: 203,736
Size of licence area (km2): 998 km2

Current Local Radio Stations Broadcasting on the North Bucks Multiplex.

Bucks Radio is the new sound of Buckinghamshire, aiming to bring local radio back to the county. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received so far, and are looking forward to becoming a part of Bucks life.

What will it cost to broadcast on the North Bucks multiplex?

Carriage costs on the Bucks DAB multiplex will be realistic, but affordable.   

Our aim is to ensure small broadcasters are not burdened with transmission fees which jeopardise their ability to succeed.   

Figures are correct as of March 2024 and are subject to annual revision.
Prices quoted are based on a 12-month contract. Prices for shorter contracts are available on request.

A one-off set-up fee of £75 and subsequent £50 fee for any requested service changes is not included.

Programme providers are responsible for having in place a suitable Ofcom broadcast licence and for payment of all fees and performance licences in relation to their service.

An initial payment of two months carriage fee must be paid in full before broadcasting commences. Further invoices will be raised monthly after the first month and must be paid within 21 days to avoid service interruption.

We will provide reasonable support at no additional cost to assist services joining the multiplex. Engineering support is not available directly from Bucks DAB Ltd, but we can provide details of a suitable external contractor.

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Bucks DAB Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital Company number 14108051.